France and Vietnam have a common past which has mutually enriched them and  it is indispensable and necessary to preserve and develop  the ties that have historically woven between the two countries who share many common values and appreciate reciprocal respect for their identity and culture.
Very attached by her double culture, Suzanne DUSSOL, alias ANOA, French nationality and Vietnamese origin, has been installed in Vietnam since 1992.
She knows very well the two countries , she wants  to strengthen the cultural and tourism exchanges between Vietnam and France, to share with the younger generations who have not known the long common past of the two countries , to make them understand and appreciate the inputs and  deep historical reasons that unite them.
 Anoa Suzanne DUSSOL, possesses in Vietnam a sumptuous authentic house, typical of the traditional and ancestral architecture of Vietnam, in massive carved wood, inlaid with ornamental pearl, which constitutes a magnificent work of inestimable cultural value.
She intends to dismantle it entirely from Vietnam ,  transport it in container and re-assemble as identical in France.
To this purpose, it has been created ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN), a non-profit endowment fund (Jounal Officiel on 7 October 2015), to which she has decided to leg this magnificent ensemble composed of several buildings to perform into an exceptional cultural site in France , a place available for Franco-Vietnamese cultural-artistic activities , interesting other countries from ASEAN or other international communities.




 Mrs Suzanne DUSSOL, alias ANOA, French nationality and Vietnamese origin, was born in Vietnam.
She left her native country at the age of four and returned for the first time in 1992 as Counselor for International Affairs of the Company FEAL for the renovation of the first Palace, currently named HOTEL SOFITEL LEGEND HANOI.
After completing her mission in 1993, deeply rooted by her origin in Vietnam,  she has decided to stay here and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country, which pushed her to invest in  two  passionate careers Tourism - Hotel and Aviation  ( as she was herself helicopter pilot,).
Since practically more 25 years of presence in Vietnam (1992-2018), Anoa Suzanne DUSSOL has realized and developed:

  • In 1993, the creation  of the first helicopter transport company HELI-JET VIETNAM, in cooperation with VASCO (Vietnam Air Service Co.), which is the state-owned subsidiary of VIETNAM AIRLINES.

             She executed the Raid PARIS-HANOI by helicopter: 13,000km , crossing 22 countries in 3 weeks with 41 stop-over  
                (Take-off  at Porte de Versailles on 1/6/1993 - Arrival in Hanoi on 21/6/1993)

  • In 1997, the investment  of the first resort  "Anoasis Beach Resort" in Long Hai, on the southern coast of Vietnam, VungTau province (better known as Cap Saint Jacques)

             TV5 emission Faut pas rêver "Thousand and one lives in Vietnam" (released on 04/07/2008)

  • In 2005, the establishment of the first complex of seaside residence  named  "AN HOA RESIDENCE", in which she is Managing Director and living there  (


AN HOA RESIDENCE has received numerous awards , such as :

  • Official homologation "Luxury Villas-Residence" by the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam (VNAT) 
  • TOP 10  Impressive Cultural & Touristic Destination , awarded by UNESCO Vietnam
  • Trophy, awarded World Luxury Hotel Awards (WLHA) 2014-2015  -    
  •   Vietnamese TV broadcasting  VTV4  (
  • Trophy awarded by Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards 2016 
  • In 2015, ANOA SUZANNE DUSSOL was nominated as AMBASSADOR OF TOURISM OF VIETNAM  IN FRANCE (mandate 2015-2018) by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Vietnam



Anoa loves Culture, amazing by the richness of the immaterial Heritage of Vietnam.
She is particularly fond of Art, History, Traditions “us and  customs “of Vietnam, which give her a strong determination to realize her project of a Vietnam Cultural Site  in France called ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM  (AM-VN), Fund of Endowment by which she will bring as donation a magnificent ancestral work of an authentic House of Vietnam, endowed with all its appearance of  sculptural wood incrusted with pearl, and with its majestic ornamental entrance Porch ,.
The whole house will be an architectural structure of an extreme cultural value, unique in its kind and  nothing comparable in France. 
All of these masterpieces will be completely disassembled piece by piece in Vietnam and re-assembled identically in France.
The essential aim is to make it as a REMARKABLE AND EXCEPTIONAL SITE, combining Culture and Tourism, sharing of cultural identities,  creating a formidable interactive community bridge between the two countries and the solidarity of all oher associations .
Anoa Suzanne DUSSOL is President-Founder of ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN), a non-profit Endowment Fund, which aims to contribute to the socio-cultural exchanges between France and Vietnam , promote the culture, arts, gastronomy of Vietnam and develop cultural tourism between the two countries.
AM-VN will be a perfect emblem of the excellent alliance Franco-Vietnamese and all Asean countries, generating a surge of recognition and sympathy for this noble cause.