Board of Management
The new Board of Management  (2021) of  the endowment fund "ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN)" , is composed of 3 members ,  appointed by the President-founder :

  2. Mrs. NGA NGUYEN - BAUD:  General Secretary
  3. Mrs. HUE BOIVINEAU:  Administrator - Public relations


  1. Mrs TÔN NỮ THỊ NINH  ( President of Honor)
  2. Mrs  NGUYỄN THÁI HIỆP NHI  ( President of Honor)
  3. Mrs  SYLVETTE DIONISI  (Vice-president)

SUPPORT COMMITTEE (Non-exhaustive list):     
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam
- Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Vietnam
- Embassy of Vietnam in France
- French Embassy in Vietnam
- General Council of Region  Ile-de-France
- General Council of Hauts-de-Seine
- Tourist Office of  Paris
- French Institute of Vietnam (IFV)
- Vietnam Culturel Center in France ( CCVN)
- Vietnam Tourist
- Hanoi Tourist
- Saigon Tourist

  • Creation and denomination:

An Endowment  Fund, governed by Act No. 2008-776 of 4 August 2008 on the modernization of the economy, was created by Decree No. 2009-158 of 11 February 2009 concerning endowment funds.
This endowment fund is called: ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM, having the abbreviation (AM-VN).  

  • Purpose and means of action:

 ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN) , Endowment Fund aims to contribute to the socio-cultural exchanges between Vietnam and France, to promote the culture, arts, gastronomy of Vietnam and to support cultural tourism between the two countries .
In order to achieve its purpose,  ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN) Endowment Fund will implement all appropriate  means ,   in particular :

  • The management of the cultural site AM-VN  will have the advantage and benefit  to assemble all countries of ASEAN  in which multicultural activities will be organized, meetings of artists, shows and events, gastronomy, intercommunity fashion show, etc ...
  • Public information and promotion actions.
  • Organization of conferences or seminars to present  the two Franco-Vietnamese cultures
  • Direct support to promote of  public interesting projects
  • The collection of necessary funds from all partners, individuals or companies
  • The remedy of patronage in all its forms
  • The development of partnerships with all organizations which have the similar general interest  or related activities.


  • Head office :

The official Head- office is registered at: 19 Quai de l'Oise 75019 PARIS.
This address can be moved to any other place by decision of the Board of Management
The Administrative Headquarters  of the Endowment Fund (AM-VN) was designated at:
32 Rue Penthièvre 75008 Paris (at Aigo Group) 

  • Duration:

  The Endowment Fund  ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN) is created for a period of 50 years from the publication of its creation in the JOURNAL OFFICIEL  on 7 October 2015. 

  • Initial capital allocation:

The  Endowment Fund AM-VN is constituted, in own and personal funds, by an initial legacy consisting of a magnificent set of several  buildings of the ancestral house from  Vietnam.
This cultural value of the heritage of ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN), offered  by the President-Founder , Mrs  Anoa Suzanne DUSSOL is estimated at 1,000,000 Euros (one million Euros).
The Endowment Fund may be subject of a subscription to a capitalization agreement in order to constitute a guaranteed capital (by notarial act).
This endowment consists in particular of capital, in own contribution of the property of the House of Vietnam, in property and property rights, in other goods and rights or in temporary donations of usufruct.
It may be supplemented by additional funds with the approval of the Board of Management .
The Fund is provided free of charge and irrevocable.
The Fund may consume the income or  allocation under the conditions fixed in the internal regulations. The total consumption of the endowment may conduct to a dissolution of the fund.

  • The resources :

Endowment Fund incomes  include:
- The income of its endowment
- Income from activities mentioned in the Status
- Eventual retributions from services rendered
The resources of the fund also include the products coming from generosity public in which it has been authorized to raise . 

  • Relationship between the Fund and the Donors:

For all donations or gifts with a defined amount and recognized by the Board of  Management , the fund AM-VN will sign an agreement with the donor in which will be mentioned  the reciprocal commitments of both parties.
The Board of Management  may create a Donor Committee. This committee is consultative. It will give advice to the  Board of Management , on its own initiative or at its request, on general questions concerning the raise of funds,  the  relations between the Fund and donors, the impact of the project finances, the way of using funds, the reports to donors, expressing the gratitude of the Fund, agreements between donors and the Fund.

  • Subsidies:

Subsidies can only be paid by cheque or transfer by bank transfer from an organization approved by the State or a declared association, or other organization operating by voluntary membership (APE) but never to a private person.
AM-VN is totally independent apolitical and non-religious. There are no contribution fees  for members. You can subscribe by federating to ALLIANCE MAISON VIETNAM (AM-VN) for a better opening of solidarity common to the socio-cultural and tourist actions of Vietnam and the countries of Asian.
Your appreciations, your ideas, your helpers, your supporters are welcome.